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1808 by Laurentino Gomes

Amy B.    November 24, 2015    Comments Off on 1808 by Laurentino Gomes

Laurentino Gomes’s 1808: The Flight of the Emperor tells a remarkable story.  In November, 1808 the entire ruling class of Portugal, including Prince Regent João VI, his wife Carlota Joaquina, their court, and most of the small country’s professional class …

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

Amy B.    October 27, 2015    Comments Off on Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

In this book, author Mason Currey gathers together descriptions of successful artists’ self-reported work habits, mostly taken from published sources such as biographies and magazine interviews. The “artists” Currey profiles are a high-browed group that includes painters, writers, composers, and …

Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Amy B.    October 13, 2015    Comments Off on Just My Type by Simon Garfield
just my type cover

Designing a typeface is a tricky project, as Simon Garfield demonstrates in his informative, engaging book Just My Type. A typeface should, of course, be beautiful. It should be both readable and legible (Garfield shows readers the difference using the …