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Cannibalism… Perfectly Natural?

Amy B.    May 9, 2017    Comments Off on Cannibalism… Perfectly Natural?

In Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History, zoologist Bill Schutt looks at cannibalism from an evolutionary standpoint and finds that there are times when eating members of one’s own species makes a certain amount of sense. Cannibalism is a common behavior …

1808 by Laurentino Gomes

Amy B.    November 24, 2015    Comments Off on 1808 by Laurentino Gomes

Laurentino Gomes’s 1808: The Flight of the Emperor tells a remarkable story.  In November, 1808 the entire ruling class of Portugal, including Prince Regent João VI, his wife Carlota Joaquina, their court, and most of the small country’s professional class …