White Like Her by Gail Lukasik

Amy B.    April 24, 2018    Comments Off on White Like Her by Gail Lukasik

white like her jacketPrivileged white woman (and Libertyville resident)  Gail Lukasik grew up knowing little about her olive skinned mother’s family or past. In researching her family history with the help of the producers of cable TV’s Genealogy Roadshow, she makes a startling discovery: her mother had been designated as “colored” at birth and left her family behind to move north and pass for white. Lukasik wrestles with the implications of this decision and its impact on her mother’s life. She traces her ancestors back to their original enslavement in the 18th century, and gets to know their modern-day black descendants.

This book offers an interesting perspective on a little-discussed American phenomenon. Find it in our catalog here.