The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Jessica    March 12, 2018    Comments Off on The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Do you love the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher?  Alas, the last book in that series, Skin Game, came out in 2014 and the next book does not even have an announced release date yet.

So, if you need a series with a smart-mouthed, pop-culture savvy magic user, you should try the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.  To his neighbors, Atticus O’Sullivan is a nice young man who runs an occult book store. In fact, he is Siodhachan O Suileabhan, 2100 years old (give or take), and the last of the Druids.  During the course of the series, he makes allies and enemies of various mythological figures. Aided by his apprentice, Granuaile Mac Tiernan, his sausage-obsessed dog Oberon and a law firm run by werewolves, he fights to keep the Earth in one piece.  Note: it is important to read the books in order; the first book is Hounded. (Reviewed by Pam M.)