Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

Jessica    February 5, 2018    Comments Off on Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

This historical fiction novel takes place during the Great Depression. Anna Kerrigan is a young girl who wants nothing more than to be by her father’s side while he visits various friends and lives his glamorous life, even if it is a charade.

But soon Anna is too old to go with her father on his errands (he believes she is being corrupted and she eventually knows too much) and she’s left at home with her mother and beautiful, but severely handicapped, sister.

Fast forward several years, Anna’s father has inexplicably abandoned the family and Anna is now in her 20s. She’s been given the opportunity to work in a factory and then as a diver, repairing naval ships so they may go into battle. Her work supports the family and she’s happy to be useful and doing a man’s job well, if still forlorn about missing her father.

Then one day Anna runs into a man from her past — from the time when she and her father were always together. And she finds herself in a position to find out more about her father. There are things she’s always wondered and now she has the chance to get some answers.

Anna is a strong character and one that you can’t help but admire, despite some questionable choices. Strong characters with a good story. Find it in our catalog here.