The Glass Eye by Jeannie Vanasco

Amy B.    December 27, 2017    Comments Off on The Glass Eye by Jeannie Vanasco

Memoirist Jeannie Vanasco grew up in a tight-knit, isolated family where she was the only child and the light of her elderly father’s life. After he passed away, she fell into a protracted period of grief, exacerbated by her severe bipolar disorder. She grew obsessed with the secrecy surrounding her older half-sister, also named Jeanne, who died before the younger Jeannie (with an “I” was born). What really happened to the first Jeanne, and why did her parents give her the dead girl’s name?  The second Jeannie grapples with these questions as she struggles to come to grips with her illness and make sense out of her life.

The Glass Eye is a fragmented, but very readable study of mourning, mental illness, and the writing life, with a hint of mystery thrown in. If you are interested in these topics, I recommend this book to you.  Find it in our catalog here.