The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Jessica    October 16, 2017    Comments Off on The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Marzano-Lesnevich, along with her younger sister, was molested by her grandfather as a young girl and it lasted for years. Her confession to her parents stopped the molestation but her grandfather was never punished for the crimes that he committed. He never admitted to the acts until many years later when he was close to death and seeking forgiveness.

The author has grown to be a woman who recognizes the damage her grandfather has done and, as her parents before her, has become a lawyer to help find justice in the world. This book is not just the story of Marzano-Lesnevich’s childhood trauma (although it’s that too). It’s also the story of a pedophile-turned-murderer named Ricky Langley.

Marzano-Lesnevich stumbled across the Langley case while interning for a law firm that handles death row cases. The story goes that Langley had pedophilic urges throughout his life, molesting many children and eventually molesting and murdering a 6 year-old neighbor via strangulation.

The Langley case has large parallels with the author’s own story. She sees her grandfather in Ricky Langley and sees his actions as her own memories. This book is the author’s way of seeking to understand the decisions of her grandfather and other pedophiles. It feels like true crime only less removed due to the personal experience – a refreshing combination.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy crime stories, memoirs and personal accounts. Find The Fact of a Body in our catalog here.