Infinite Tuesday by Michael Nesmith

Amy B.    September 12, 2017    Comments Off on Infinite Tuesday by Michael Nesmith

Anglophile, autodidact, spiritual seeker, and name-dropper Michael Nesmith examines his life beyond the Monkees in this memoir.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Nesmith, despite the fact that his mother was the inventor of Liquid Paper. As a directionless young man, he lucked into sudden fame when he won a part on the popular TV show The Monkees. He admits that during the Monkees’ glory days and after he was afflicted with a severe case of “Celebrity Psychosis” with attendant outbursts of arrogance and entitlement. He eventually developed a spiritual sense that grounded him and gave him a stronger moral compass than Hollywood could provide.

Nesmith has relatively little to say about the TV show and pop music success that gave him his initial fame. He’s more interested in discussing his various artistic and business ventures, such as his role in the development of MTV.

This volume provides an introduction to Nesmith’s surprising legacy as a musician, film producer, and innovator. Find it in our catalog here.