Gone by Min Kym

Amy B.    June 13, 2017    Comments Off on Gone by Min Kym

South Korean-born British violinist Min Kym was poised to release her breakthrough album when the unthinkable happened: her prized Stradivarius violin, the instrument she regarded as a part of herself, was stolen from her at a train station. Worse yet, if anyone was at fault, it was her feckless boyfriend, yet he persistently found subtle ways to blame her for the loss.

Gone is Kym’s memoir of her musical career, from her early days as a child prodigy (and main support of her family) to the difficult years during which her beloved violin was missing. It is a remarkable glimpse into the life of a very talented, yet in some ways immature, woman as she attempts to transcend the double bind of her regimented Korean upbringing and the strictures placed on her as the bearer of a tremendous musical gift.

This heartfelt memoir is well worth reading. Find it in our catalog here.