No One Cares about Crazy People by Ron Powers

Amy B.    May 23, 2017    Comments Off on No One Cares about Crazy People by Ron Powers

As young men, both of Ron Powers’ sons fell victim to schizophrenia. One killed himself. The other has achieved a measure of stability with the help of injectable anti-psychotic drugs. In No One Cares about Crazy People, Ron Powers describes the devastating impact the sons’ illnesses have had on his wife and himself, as well as the sad history of mental health treatment through the ages.

Ron Powers is angry about many things, including the stigma associated with psychosis, the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, the continuing influence of Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist who denied the reality of mental illness, the inadequacy of the old-fashioned insane asylums, and especially the short-sightedness of the deinstitutionalization movement, which put many of the former inmates of the asylums out on the streets. This is a deeply uncomfortable book, but a necessary one. Find it in our catalog here.