A Celebration of Butter

Amy B.    January 24, 2017    Comments Off on A Celebration of Butter

butter_rich_historyArtisanal butter may be the latest foodie trend, but the familiar yellow stick from the supermarket has a worthy backstory as well. Food writer Elaine Khosrova celebrates it all in Butter: A Rich History. From the economic importance of milkmaids in pre-industrial Europe to the role of dietary fats in bringing about the Reformation, all the way to profiles of modern butter crafters and classic recipes that feature butter as a main ingredient,  Khosrova covers butter’s history, science and lore in a friendly, conversational style. She even explains how cows’ digestive systems transform grass into butterfat. Delightful reading for sophisticated food enthusiasts and those who enjoy microhistories. Find it in our catalog here.