Calling all Fans of the Serial Podcast!

Jessica    September 26, 2016    Comments Off on Calling all Fans of the Serial Podcast!

adnanSo I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this one. Perhaps you’ll remember back to the Fall of 2014 when a podcast called Serial blew up in popularity due to a glorious combination of an empathetic host (Sarah Koenig), a wonderful production and the engrossing story – a man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

A boy, now a man, named Adnan Syed had been in jail for many years for this crime that he, his family, and his friends claimed he did not commit. One such friend (Rabia Chaudry – the author of Adnan’s Story) happened to be a lawyer and had serious doubts about the so-called “evidence” of the case. She brought the case to journalist Sarah Koenig who elevated the story to millions of people via the podcast.

Fast forward two years and this book is the story not only of Adnan’s case but of the production of Serial and the latest of where the case stands now.  Since I’ve kept up with the details of the case, via the follow-up podcast Undisclosed, Rabia Chaudry has proven to be thorough, if very biased, and this book reflects much of the same information as featured since Serial.

If you’ve never listened to Serial, I recommend doing so and then reading this book. If you’re already familiar with the case, definitely pick it up. However, I do have two minor warnings:
1. At 410 pages it is ripe with excruciating details that can feel overwhelming at times.
2. Rabia Chaudry is biased as Adnan’s close friend, though I can’t fault her for it.

Still, I think it’s a worthwhile read for anyone who is concerned about Syed’s story. Find it in our catalog here.