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IMG_0419Check out this cart of new goodies that will be distributed on Tuesday, February 3rd.  To place your holds, click on the titles below as pictured from left to right:

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Get On Up: The James Brown Story (DVD)

Get On Up: The James Brown Story (Blu-Ray)

Doc McStuffins: Cuddle me Lambie (DVD)

Geneva Strategy by Robert Ludlum

Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner (Audiobook)

Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner


Ron’s Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

hundred footPapa (Om Puri), a restaurateur in India, flees his homeland, with his family, after his business has been destroyed during a political upheaval. After a stint in England, they meander through Europe, plying their trade, until their vehicle’s brakes fail in France. Seeking shelter for the night, they walk into a nearby town, passing what had once been a restaurant.

The next day, Papa, claiming his dead wife told him that there’s a reason why brakes fail, decides that their travels are over. They go to inspect the vacant property, and are surprised by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), who accuses them of trespassing. Madame Mallory, caretaker of the vacant restaurant, as well as owner of the one-star Michelin restaurant across the street, engages Papa in banter which includes pithy witticisms, observations and interesting non answer answers by Papa. He overcomes family arguments, purchases the property, and installs his son, Hassan (Manish Dayal), as his cook.

Hassan casually meets Madame Mallory’s sous-chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon), and a friendship blossoms between them, even as culinary warfare intensifies between the restaurants. Madame Mallory, after tasting an omelet prepared by Hassan, negotiates with Papa about hiring away his son. The feelings between Hassan and Marguerite cool as they become kitchen competitors, and absolutely chill when Hassan becomes head chef. Book a table at your favorite restaurant for dinner after the movie.  Four stars. (Reviewed by Ron)

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Let’s Talk Books!

Let Debbie, our resident Reader’s Advisory Librarian, tell you about A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler.


The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

art of social mediaDo you blog, Facebook, tweet, tumble or pin? Are you looking for ways to power up your posts and attract more followers?

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki (also the author of Reality Check and Enchantment) and Peg Fitzpatrick is filled with more than 100 practical tips for using social media. Although this title could be helpful for those who are new to social media, it serves as more of a quick manual for those of us who use several different types of social media on a regular basis. Written in practical, easy-to-understand language, the chapters are broken down into points which make it a quick read. This is not an authoritative guide backed up with gobs of research, but instead, the book shares the authors’ insights from experience and inspires readers’ creativity in employing the social media tactics within.

(Reviewed by Sandy)

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skiing documentaryIn the spirit of embracing winter, have you checked out these fascinating documentaries?

Steep is a story about the world’s best skiers who conquer the steepest runs ever faced.

The Crash Reel is the story of the epic rivalry between extreme snowboarders Kevin Pearce and Shaun White.

Check them out today!