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Yes Please by Amy Poehler

yes pleaseOh Amy.

This is a sweet, funny and honest book about Poehler’s life, career, children and friends. I have been a fan of hers since the Saturday Night Live days so I had to read Yes Please.

The story from start to finish is just exactly what I would have expected from her – poignant yet hilarious. She’s a smart businesswoman and her integrity makes her a role model for women everywhere.  While I had never watched the television show for which she is most well known (Parks & Recreation), reading this book has made me a big fan of the show as well.  Netflix binge?  Yes Please.


Pictured in the Stacks…

Are you a library lover?  I bet you can guess that we are!  This is National Library Week so we thought it appropriate to feature some library-love books for this week’s post.  Come on in and visit your library soon!

In the meantime, you can find the books below in our catalog by clicking on the titles below.

Are Libraries Obsolete?  An Argument For Relevance in the Digital Age by Mark Herring

I Work At a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories From the Stacks by Gina Sheridan



Let’s Talk Books!

In the video below, Jessica talks about a wonderful new graphic novel called The Sculptor by Scott McLoud.  You can find this in our catalog by clicking here.


Savage Harvest by Carl Hoffman

savage_harvestIn 1961, Michael Rockefeller, the youngest son of Nelson Rockefeller and an heir to the Rockefeller family fortune, was on a expedition to purchase “primitive” art from New Guinea’s Asmat ethnic group when he went missing. After an extensive manhunt failed to locate him, his family had him declared dead, with drowning listed as the cause of death. Nonetheless, rumors that he was murdered and eaten by cannibals persisted, despite official statements that such barbaric acts could not take place in Dutch-ruled New Guinea.

Fifty years later, journalist and travel writer Carl Hoffman set out to discover the truth behind Michael Rockefeller’s mysterious disappearance. Hoffman visited to the remote region where the Asmat live, which is still very primitive by Western standards, and investigated “dusty” Dutch archival documents (why are archival documents always “dusty”?). He learned an Indonesian language to speak to the sons of the men who were implicated in the disappearance. Most importantly, he tried to understand the Asmat cosmology and worldview, which are based on the idea that the spirit world demands balance–life for life, and death for death.

Savage Harvest is just one of several nonfiction books you may find on our “Last Year’s Hits: 2014” display near the adult reference desk. You can check this book’s availability in the catalog here.

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Ron’s Review: Taken 3

taken 3An ex-government agent, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), tries wholeheartedly to maintain some semblance of a caring family life with his ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), now unhappily married to Stuart (Dougray Scott), and his college age daughter, Kim Mills (Maggie Grace).

Planning to be out-of-town for several weeks, Bryan gives Lenore a key to his apartment so she can have a space for solitude as might be necessary. Before he leaves, he receives a text from Lenore, stating that she’s anxious to discuss something important. He rushes over, and finds her on his bed with her throat cut. Moments later, the city police, led by detective Franck Dotzler (Forest Whitaker), burst into the apartment and attempt to arrest Bryan. He manages to disable several policemen, and escape. Knowing that for some reason he’s being framed, he fears for his daughter’s safety, that she might be targeted next. Reach for your seatbelt. 3 Stars (Reviewed by Ron)

You can find this title in our catalog by clicking here.